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Thank you for expressing interest in signing up for the first research study on online powerlifting coaching. This project has been in development for the last three years of my life and I am very excited to be able to give back to the community that has provided me with so much over the years. Below you find the details of the study and contact details for further information.

This page is to sign up for the Educational Doctorate Dissertation study for David Osborn. Please read the information below and if interested in participating fill out the contact form at the bottom.

Study Title: Effects of Communication Scheduling on Affective State and the Coach Athlete Relationship in Online Powerlifting Coaching

Principle investigator:  David Osborn

Purpose of the study: The purpose of this study is to investigate the effects of a randomized communication schedule on intraindividual differences in affective state, intrinsic motivation, and self-efficacy, along with the effect the randomized communication schedule has on the coach-athlete relationships in intermediate powerlifters being coached online.

Procedures: If you volunteer to participate in this study, you will be coached in powerlifting for a twelve-week period via online coaching. This training period will conclude with testing of one repetition maximum in the squat, bench press, and deadlift. Your programming will be sent out on a weekly basis where you will complete four training days per week. The training program will consist of 2x a week squat, bench press, and deadlift frequency and use a daily undulating periodization scheme with percentage based and rate of perceived exertion load prescription. On training days, you will film and send video of your lifts to your coach through your phone with WhatsApp. Your coach will provide technical correction, answer any training related questions, provide guidance for post training recovery, and prepare you for one repetition maximum testing at the conclusion of the 12-week period.


The coaching interactions will be randomized for each training day and will consist of a pre-training coaching interaction, post-training coaching interaction, or no coaching interaction for the day. Coaching interactions pre-training will occur within an hour of the participants training session starting. Post training coaching interactions will take place within an hour of training concluding. On training days participants will also fill out surveys sent on a recurring schedule to their phones via the phone app Expiwell. These surveys will measure mood, positive or negative events, intrinsic motivation, self-efficacy, and the coach athlete relationship. These surveys will be filled out at four time periods throughout the day: morning, pre-training, post-training, and evening.


The morning assessment period will consist of mood and positive/negative event assessments. The pre and post training periods will have mood, positive/negative event, intrinsic motivation, and self-efficacy assessments. The evening assessment period will consist of mood and positive/negative event assessments. Every four weeks the participants will also fill out a Coach Athlete Relationship Questionnaire via Expiwell. These assessments have been formulated to be as minimally invasive as possible for the participants and will be setup to occur automatically at the given time periods via the Expiwell application. These assessments will only occur on training days during the course of the study.


Benefits: This study will allow us to determine the effect of online coach communication on strength progression and components of lifter psychological well-being. We will then be able to determine how communication frequency affects the coach athlete relationship to establish best practices for online coaching communication.


Potential risks and discomfort: We will minimize any risks, discomforts, or inconveniences, by ensuring you are properly prepared and warmed up for training days. You will also be fully trained up on all testing procedures for both the competition lifts and the EMA phone application Expiwell. The training program will allow for autoregulation and you will not be asked to do more than you are capable of during the study. The coach will ensure movements are of technically sound quality and will ensure that the participant is prepared for one repetition maximal testing by the conclusion of the study.


Compensation: You will not receive any payment or other compensation for participation in this study. There is also no cost to participate.


Privacy and Confidentiality: Any information that is obtained in connection with this study and that can be identified with you will remain confidential and will be disclosed only with your permission or as required by law. Confidentiality will be maintained through the use of code assignment to let the researcher know who you are during data analysis. We will not use your name in any of the information we publish from this study or in any of the research reports. When the study is finished, we will destroy the list that shows which code number goes with your name. We may take photographs or videos of the data collection procedures to show the procedures in academic presentations and publications, but we will blur your identifying features upon your request (please indicate this at the end of the document).


Any other information that can identify you individually will not be released to anyone outside the study. The research team will, however, use the information collected for scientific publications. We also may use any information that we get from this study in any way we think is best for publication or education. However, any information we use for publication will not identify you individually.


The data that we collect will not be viewed by anyone outside the study until it is published confidentially (as mentioned above). All data/records collected will be destroyed three years after the end of the study, as required by the institutional organization.


In case of an emergency, injury, or illness that occurs during this study, I hereby authorize the release of any and all health information to allow for medical care and treatment of my condition.


Voluntary participation and withdrawal: You can choose whether or not to participate in this study. If you volunteer to be in this study, you may withdraw at any time without consequences of any kind. You may also refuse to answer any questions you do not want to answer. There is no penalty if you withdraw from the study and you will not lose any benefits to which you are otherwise entitled. The investigator may withdraw you from this research if you are unable to continue with the training due to injury or scheduling conflicts that interfere with data collection.

Participant requirements: Looking for 10 male and 10 female powerlifters with a competition DOTS score between 300-399, age 18-40, and no significant health issues. Participants must have a smartphone and be able to commit to a consistent training time and schedule for the 12 week study. If you would like to know more details and sign up for participation please fill out the contact form below.

Success! Thank you for your inquiry into participation in this dissertation study. Dave will follow up with you in a reply email

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James Tufano, PhD

Dissertation Committee Chair

Department of Physical Education and Sport

Charles University

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Rights of research subjects: The Concordia University Chicago Institutional Review Board has reviewed my request to conduct this project.  If you have any concerns about your rights in this study, the contact for the university’s IRB is Pamela Konkol, Director of Academic Research (IRB@CUChicago.edu).

Date of IRB Approval:9/12/2021

IRB Number:1787660-2

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