4 week Training Cycles



OPS organizes training in "Blocks." This allows us to train for specific goals and organize our training load to meet said goals. You want to jump higher? You're block focuses on that. Need to throw on some muscle and body weight for the off season? We give you a block for that. No matter the goal at OPS you are provided with a specific path to get you there. Other gyms don't let you see your program, at OPS you'll know exactly what you're doing every time you come in to train.

Group Training



At OPS we encourage clients to train in groups of like minded individuals. Groups of clients receive all of the same individualized programming but also a discount in their program pricing. Why train by yourself when you can bring like minded friends and family along with you!

Nutritional Consulting



Dave is experienced with multiple nutritional guidance plans and diets to meet your lifestyle needs. Having achieved his Masters in Sports Nutrition Dave stays up to date in all of the current research on nutrition and diet. He has worked with individuals from all walks of life in acheiving their dietary goals, from clients looking to gain muscle to those who need to drop 100lbs. No matter your dietary needs let Dave at OPS find the perfect performance nutrition plan for you!

Fat Loss Programs


Are you tried of struggling to lose fat, year in and year out? Dave is a nationally qualified and experienced trainers in regards to body recomposition. Let OPS complement the perfect program to create an environment for fat loss and the correct nutritional guidelines to keep that weight off for good!!

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